Everyone needs The Ministry Of Stories

I got involved because I truly admire the work of writer Dave Eggers and he inspires me to achieve bigger and better. He started this in America like Nick Hornby did in the UK and you could help too if you'd care to by clicking here and acting. They optimise the creative writing talents of local kids (junior ministers) around Hoxton Street and I sometimes am lucky enough to go and shoot their activities. It's wonderful, honestly, and really good fun. Go ahead punk.

Gilbert and George for Time Out NY

Captured here in their studio in Spitalfields. An honour and privilege, like you would imagine. This was a call I didn't know I was waiting for. But when it came, from the angels at Time Out New York, it was quite a moment. Shooting portraits for a living is a wonderful thing as it is, and when you get asked to go to the home of a truly great British artist, with a free brief, and it goes swimmingly because we spend just the right amount of time doing three really quick set-ups, you realise that all of this work is properly worth it and mornings like this are the pay off. Huge thanks to Brian Whar for accompanying.

Liam Howlett of The Prodigy

I first saw The Prodigy in 1991 at Sterns in Worthing (see flyer above), and to be honest while not exactly having much regard for the future back then, I definitely did not foresee that the act I saw that night would become the mightiest of all the world's dance acts. We know how huge they are today, though you would not get that sense from Liam here, shot for The MOJO Interview. An engaging, cool, sharp mind with a hard edge and happily, luckily, well up for chatting with old ravers like me. I didn't get all misty-eyed with him though, don't worry.

Cesc Fabregas for Sport Magazine and PUMA

Great to shoot this footballing hero once again, and especially when for the cover of Sport Magazine (circulation 304,700). The design is slick, photos are BIG, the designer knows what he wants, happy everyone. This shoot took 2.5 minutes, mainly because Cesc is such a friend to the lens (and Team Tom was readier than you would ever believe).

Graham Coxon, guitarsmith.

The hug Graham so willingly offered me was very welcome, I can tell you. In a tricky situation you need a friend, and Graham I thank you for your kindness.

Damon, Blur, MOJO.

Photographed for MOJO at the House of St Barnabas, you wouldn't call Damon keen and eager when it comes to photoshoots. You have to respect that though, not everyone is up for it and you can't knock his achievements which you wouldn't call inhibited by his lack of love for the lens. He's edgy, decisive, firm and very, very cool. I love the shots.

Jerry Dammers for MOJO

Jerry Dammers of the legendary Specials. So proud of this one, to meet someone responsible for so much that I loved as a kid is the true privilege of this job. His music and politics were wonderfully intertwined in a way that made both stronger and the shoot I hope reflected this love and respect. A lovely addition to the experience was a shout from Supersize Art who created the Gangsters 7" replica that makes this image work so well, framing Jerry behind. Morgan Howell's art is astonishing and well worth hanging in your own home. Such a find.

We bloody well did it! Well, you did.

You - yes - you! Soooooo many thanks for seeing the War Child project through to completion. We hit target and have now raised money to help children's lives in war torn nations around the planet. I have never felt prouder of the community around me and to have finally, after so many years of shlepping around venues and maintaining an exhausting level of pleading and begging necessary to shoot this stuff outside of normal PR situations, got this project out there successfully after so much worry and doubt it ever would make it, means everything to us. I realise that sentence was a terrible construction but it was a heartfelt stream of consciousness and they just flow like that sometimes. Cheers.

New MOJO cover with Blur

Doesn't get a whole fat stack better than this I gotta tell ya. I'm always mindful of not sounding like a smug buffoon on here but I genuinely felt really good about this one. The cover for me accurately illustrates the creative capability Damon has running through him and his directness - which will have ensured his achieving the huge amount of unrelenting success he has enjoyed, without question. What's more, he fucking hates being photographed like no one I can ever remember. Full respect though, we got on with it and we all knew when we had it, cue a massive sigh of relief. More here.

Retrospective at The House of St Barnabas

Right. A big one this. I have/had a show at the House of St Barnabas, to celebrate a year open and to mark their wonderful work as a members club that supports a homeless employment academy. The show was a pure delight to work on for the reason that the team are dedicated and delightful and this really has been as close to having colleagues as a freelancer like me ever gets - plus having the inspiration to unite with pure focus to achieve a single goal really helps make great things happen. I did a shambolic speech too, which achieved the single goal of making me look like a tit. Cool! Go see, quick!

Max Taylor, Youth of Today

So those of you who know me of old will know I used to shoot a band called The Bays a lot. A real lot. Too much really, but I really really believed in what they were trying to do. Here's a film I made about them with the Heritage Orchestra: CLICK. The bass player, Chris, has a son and Max Taylor is he - a huge talent, and session player who's going out solo with his own material which I love. Am so proud to point my camera at someone I've watched grow up since age 14. Stop it, I'm gonna cry. Here's Max, please show him some love, unless your heart has become a dried up old husk:

Myia Fray, White Label UK.

My dear friends whom I love so much at White Label dragged me kicking and screaming (not at all, this is a lie) to reluctantly (ditto) shoot their portraits. It was a nightmare (nope) and I didn't get anything good at all (see above, judge for yourself).

Back from Hakassan LV. Whoosh.

Whoosh indeed. 48 hours on a whistlestop to shoot the incredible story of Mr.Neil Moffitt, British CEO of Hakassan Group and legend of EDM and UK clubbing. Hakassan LV rules the very buoyant US scene with an incredible club, with the biggest names in dance as residents. I've been amongst all of this for two decades yet have never witnessed anything like this. Loads more to follow from Neil too. So many thanks to the lovely team who made our stay a treat.

Laura Mvula

It's hard too hold together my fan-ness sometimes. Just scraped it with Laura. She's really, really astonishing to look at, a marvel really. This shot was outside the client edit as I wanted a slightly darker tone for it, to optimise the silhouette and her awesome rig up top. It's good to grab something for yourself with these opps, loads of the stuff on this blog was generated in this way.

Fabregas in the studio

How could I resist grabbing a frame like this of Cesc's handsome profile huh? Such an obliging gentleman too. I know it seems I'm ludicrously positive about all of these athletes but that is mainly because they're always up for doing what's requested, they look incredible and just make the shoots fun. Even the most reluctant ones will act professionally because I think they've learnt that the faster they crack on, the sooner it'll all be wrapped up. This was shot on a Nikon D810 with a 200mm F2 by the way, some astonishingly glass I can tell you.