Dave Eggers is my hero. Seriously.

I really really admire this person. So much so that I got embarrassingly starstruck and did a LOT of staring at him, which I hope wasn't too noticeable (or cringey). If you don't know Dave Eggers, my favourite works of his are The Circle and Zeitoun plus the whole McSweeney's thing too is a wonder BUT he also came up with the idea for The Ministry of Stories and now they're dotted around the world giving kids the chance to invest more time in their creative writing skills, after school and behind a themed shopfront. It's beautiful and brilliant and so worthwhile. Here sits THE LEGEND with Nick Hornby and Paddy Doyle, being interviewed at Second Home last week by three Junior Minister writers aged ten or so. Everyone laughed a lot including me, though I doubt everyone filled up 3 times and nearly cried. It's cos I'm a parent I'm sure but honestly, if anything was going to set me off it was this.