Smokey Robinson, The MOJO Interview, London July 2014

Can you imagine, looking through your viewfinder and seeing Smokey Robinson smiling at you? When this happened to me, I have to tell you dear blog reader, that I lowered my camera and in a flash of incredible unprofessionalism, I had to proclaim to the room 'I CANNOT BELIEVE SMOKEY ROBINSON IS LOOKING BACK AT ME!' before carrying on with the shoot. Shot for the forthcoming MOJO Interview (August issue) I can honestly tell you it's the phonecall I've dreamt of getting my whole career and thank goodness Smokey was so delightfully courteous and warm else I would have been ruined. Geoff Brown's piece in the mag is an insight and a half so if I never shoot anything again it doesn't matter because this happened. Shot on a Hasselblad 50C with 35-90 lens, with Elinchrom Ranger lighting through a Photek Softlighter, photo fans.